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·        #Saturn 3- 1980,
     Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas, Harvey Kitel, directed by Stanley Donen, This is a creepy, campy little outer space gem starring the late, wonderful Farrah Fawcett with the great actor Kirk Douglas. Farrah plays a botanist, born off world, who dreams of visiting the Earth she has only heard about. She and Kirk live alone together working to research botanical food sources for their home planet. Her character is seemingly unaware of her extraordinary charms.
     Farrah’s famous poster haircut is in full display in this picture. The actress is fresh from having retired her iconic role as an angel in the television classic “Charlie’s Angels. Kirk Douglas is her older lover. He is a worldly scientist who is happy as far from earth as he can go. Of course, being stuck on a private planet in a tropical jungle with Farrah Fawcett and a nice little pet dog, what man wouldn’t want to stay put for a while? For fans of Kirk Douglas, there is a partial nude scene of a remarkably fit and striking older Douglas.
      All would have gone well for the couple if it weren’t for that pesky yearly visit for supplies from earth. The Cairn Terrier Sally is pivotal to the plot as she senses danger first. Unfortunately her ability to divine character leads to her demise. Harvey Kitel plays the jealous visitor who brings trouble to paradise. There is a lot of tension in this picture and a bit of plot lifted from a famous Star Trek episode. Although it is not set in a steampunk time frame, steampunk fans will love the robot gone mad. That is the reason this film earned a steampunk notation on the list. This film has scenes that include some drug use that is appropriate to the plot, mild nudity, eroticism, and some violence. Sci-Fi. VHS, DVD, listed as a Netflix future release.


·         The Stepfather-1986,
     Terry O’Quinn, John Schoelen, Shelly Hack, directed by Joseph Rubin.
     This is a violent, late 1980’s psycho/slasher film. It does not have as much blood and death as classics of this genre like “Nightmare on Elm St. It also does not have any fantasy elements. It is just depressing and violent. There is one obligatory nude girl in the shower psycho stabbing scene.
    The family pet is a Cairn Terrier. This Cairn was a little harder to identify due to its soft looking puppy coat and out of proportion puppy ears. The dog is in its gangly teenage stage of development. It is a very young, under a year old, ungroomed Cairn. This film has content that includes a lot of violence, disturbing imagery adult themes, and some nudity. VHS, DVD, DVD Blu-ray, available at Netflix.


·         One Crazy Summer-1986
Demi Moore, John Cusack, Bobcat Goldthwaite, directed by Savage Steve Holland
     This picture is the source of a huge error on this list that occurred early in the Cairn Terrier Movie List history. I saw this film late at night on television and remembered the name incorrectly. When I researched the name I remembered, it led to my listing of information for a gay erotic film from Canada as the picture that contained cute Cairn puppies in disguise. That was incorrect. Now I re-watch every picture before listing it to make sure I have the correct title with the correct film information. If you see the other film, “My Summer Vacation, listed as a Cairn Terrier movie anywhere, it is because that site lifted my list and then reprinted the error.
      “One Crazy Summer is a cute, romantic, teen beach vacation movie. Demi Moore plays an aspiring rock musician who must save her family home from a greedy developer. She is aided by John Cusack in the role of Hoops, a young man who lost his basketball dream and wants to get into design school on the strength of his cartoons. Bobcat Goldthwaite is one of his crazy friends. Together they refurbish a boat and work to win the local sailing competition to win the money prize and save Demi’s house.
     During the entire house saving effort, Hoops puts together his comic book love story to get into college. At the end of the film and the yacht race, the pet dog that spent the whole picture in a veterinary surgical collar arrives on the dock with a line of adorable Cairn Terrier puppies. They are all walking on deck in tiny veterinary surgical collars. The puppies are as cute as they can be. This is a very entertaining teen beach picture. You will recognize a lot of young actors that went on to fame starring in other popular 80’s teen films like “National Lampoon’s Animal House”. There are some spicy situations and activities that make this more appropriate for older kids and teens. This film contains language and themes appropriate for older teens. Available on DVD, Netflix.