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         The Magic Christian- 1969,
     Peter Sellers, Ringo Starr, John Cleese, and an amazing array of stars in cameo. It is a hilarious mix of pure camp directed by Joseph McGrath with a great Badfinger theme song, "Come and Get It", written by Paul McCartney.
     This picture includes such absurdities as Yul Brynner in drag, and a famous scene of Raquel Welch in leather gear whipping galley slaves to work in the bowels of a cruise ship. There is nothing about modern greed this movie fails to satirize.
     This film is very funny, classic camp. Although there is no live Cairn Terrier actor in this picture, a Cairn appears in the completely insane Sotheby's Auction scene as a painted subject in a famous Landseer painting. This film has content with mild eroticism, some drug culture references, and some strong language.VHS, DVD, available on Netflix.