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·        The “I Love Lucy Show”
     This famous American television show introduced little Ricky’s dog in season 6 in the episode “Little Ricky Gets a Dog. This Cairn Terrier was featured throughout the rest of the series. The dog Fred is played by a Cairn Terrier whose real name was Danny. He was trained by Bob Blair, and was owned by Frank Inn.
     Fred the dog was named after the Ricardo’s best friend and landlord Fred Mertz in an effort to get Fred the landlord to let Fred the dog stay in the apartment. He let him stay despite neighbor complaints and a no pet policy in the building.
     There is a long running gag in the show with little Ricky's dog Fred. Fred was destined for country life when the Ricardo’s and then the Mertz’s moved to a country home in Connecticut. Of course whenever the doggie’s name was called, both Freds came running. Fred the dog was also known to occasionally disappear. He usually turned up at his beloved obedience academy, which is the only place he was known to obey commands. Fred the dog was a Cairn terrier. Available on Netflix, online streaming, and


Dennis The Menace- 1959-1963,
Mr. Wilson’s dog Fremont was played by a Cairn terrier named Danny, trained by Bob Blair and owned by Frank Inn, who also played Fred in the “I Love Lucy series. This Cairn was trained by Bob Blair. Episodes available on DVD.


·        Upstairs, Downstairs-1975,
     This famous BBC British series has an episode where the family's daughter is given a pup named Thimble from the housemaid Rose to ease her loneliness when her brother leaves for boarding school. The whole episode revolves around the dog and the governess who is not kind to animals. Of course, Thimble is a Cairn Terrier. This episode is episode 57 from October of 1975, Wanted, Good Home. Complete series available on DVD, available on Netflix


·        Are You Being Served Again?-1992
     There is an episode of this popular BBC British spin off series in which a very large wheaten Cairn is the only watchdog to a newly purchased herd of sheep that was accidently sold. Mr. Humphries shares the dog house with the Cairn. The cast has to retrieve the sheep to save them from the dinner plate.
     The late Wendy Richard, who played Miss Brahms, was well known on several continents as a Cairn fan and was active in Cairn Terrier rescue. The name of the episode is unknown. Complete series is available on DVD, available on Netflix.


·        Mad About You- 1992-1999
      This popular American television series had a Cairn living next door named Sophie who had a romantic fling with Murray the family dog. The dog romance episode was called Home. It is episode 2 from season 3 of the series. This episode has Murray the dog sneaking out of his apartment via the bedroom window to court Sophie , the snooty British neighbor’s red Cairn from next door on the balcony. It features the fastest canine pregnancy on record. Nearly everyone in the cast gets a puppy at the end. All seven seasons available on DVD, Series Highlight Collection of Episodes selected by the stars of show is also available on DVD, available on Netflix.


·         Pride And Predjudice-1995
    Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle, Directed by Simon Langton.

     This BBC television miniseries is without a doubt the favorite version of this story with fans of Mr. Darcy. Colin Firth is very handsome in the role. Jennifer Ehle plays the judgmental, headstrong Elizabeth Bennet. This series is best known for the scene with Mr. Darcy looking very sexy in a wet shirt after a swim. For the fans of Cairn Terriers there is a brief shot of a wheaten Cairn on the lap of a sleeping guest at the ball where Elizabeth first meets Mr. Darcy. True love trumps all and the right people fall in love in this 19th century Jane Austen classic. VHS, DVD, Available on Netflix


·         Wizard Of Oz On Ice-& Creating The Wizard Of Oz On Ice 1995
     This is the video, and the how it was made video (sold separately), of the television special shown on CBS network television. Toto is played by a Cairn. It was also a touring ice show that year. VHS


·      George Lopez, Television series, original airing 2002- 2007

     This first season of this show starts with the story of how the family aquired their dog. Mrs. Lopez buys it from a homeless man holding a sign that says sick dog to rescue it and get it care. It is a red Cairn or Cairn mix. The kids name it "Mr. Needles" because it has to have regular shots of insulin for diabetes among a host of other health issues. The dog appears throughout the series. DVD and Amazon streaming video


·        The Windsors: A Royal Family 2007
WGBH Boston Video- made  for PBS
      This begins with King George V and goes forward to the ongoing various marriages and crisis of Charles, Diana, Fergie and Andrew. Cairns that belonged to the former King Edward and his wife Wallis Simpson are shown. The couple was famed for their fondness of Cairns early in their lives. They later changed breeds to Pugs.


·         House Hunters HGTV 2010 “Roost in the Ranch In Highlands”
     This episode originally aired on January 14, 2010. It features a young couple and their Cairn Terrier. They are a pair of financial workers with a dog, who are planning a wedding. They want to find a home for the three of them in Denver Co. in time for their wedding. By the end of the episode Vinnie the Cairn Terrier is happy in his roomy new home with his owners, newlyweds Nick and Julie.


·         The Talk CBS Television “Halloween Episode 2011”

      The ladies of “The Talk” went all out in this wonderful episode for Halloween. The costumes were amazing, the ladies were just gorgeous in them. They all seemed to enjoy their roles as the major characters of the “Wizard of Oz”. Cloris Leachman was a guest as the wicked witch. She was the most charming wicked witch ever. The whole show was beautifully done and wonderfully entertaining. If you see this episode in reruns, record it. They brought on a terrific little Cairn Terrier named Oscar to play the role of Toto.He was perfectly behaved, patient, and sweet in Dorothy’s lap.


· The Americans, FX Television Network, Season 1,  Episode 5, "Comint", 2013

This series looks at the last years of the cold war era. The final Regan years. Set mainly in Washington, DC, it is told from the point of view of the Russian spies, moles, and sleeper agents that have infiltrated every level of our government. One of the hidden handlers of the couple we follow in this series is a heavyset middle aged woman who could be your child's teacher, or a grandmother. She has a red wheaten Cairn Terrier. In this episode the Cairn is featured walking with her in a park as the woman issues instructions to the younger spy. This series is violent, sexually explicit, tense, and fascinating. Its tagline is "Are you rooting for these spies?", and you just might be. Currently available for instant viewing at the FX network website.


· CNN Short subject: Jeanne Moos: Frog Puzzles Dog 
This short is part of CNN's roving reporter Jeanne Moos's ongoing series. This one is labeled MoosNewsDogEntertainment originally aired on February 22, 2013. It was part of a viral sensation of videos featuring the "World's cutest frog making the world's weirdest sound." It features a Cairn Terrier as one of the dogs reacting to the squeaky toy croak of the frog. This short is available to view on You tube. 


·  The Wiz Live! from NBC 
This is the latest TV version of the 1975 Broadway musical, and one of the best. Produced by Craig Zaden and Neil Meron, written by Harvey Fierstein. Starring Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Stephanie Mills, David Alan Grier, Ne-Yo. The Cairn actors in this film were provided by Cairn Terrier Rescue.





Note from the author   This section of the list includes television series shown in the USA that may feature Cairn Terriers but I have not yet had a chance to view them to verify the breed. I include this list because persons have contacted me to say they think they include Cairn Terriers. They may, but I have not personally seen them for verification.


·        Eastenders,
     I am sure this series does have a Cairn Terrier in it. Many persons have contacted me about this series. The actress who played Pauline Fowler in the show, the late Wendy Richard was well known for her active participation in Cairn Terrier Rescue. Wendy Richard was known to include Cairns in scenes of shows where she worked. I have been told her character, Pauline Fowler, has a Cairn Terrier named Betty with a recurring role. I have not yet had a chance to view this series for verification.