Patricia Watson is a Cairn Terrier show dog owner and fancier. She is also a dedicated movie fan. She and her husband have been active in the breed fancy and breed rescue for Cairn Terriers for nearly 20 years. Ms. Watson writes fantasy fiction under the pen name Trinity Adler.
     Ms. Watson is a member of the Cairn Terrier Club of America, the Cairn Terrier Club of Northern California, and the Northern California Terrier Association. She served on the SJAAC until August of 2012 and served there as the Chair of the Animal Advisory Committee for the city of San Jose CA until her term ended in January of 2012. Ms. Watson is the former editor of "The Cairn Kintra" newsletter for the CTCNC  breed club and serves as the current editor of “The Bulletin”, the quarterly newsletter of the NCTA, a prominent all terrier breed club.

     There have been many wonderful champion and titled Cairn Terriers at her home. The most famous was Ch. Rose Croft’s Best Foot Forward, a.k.a. “Teddy”, bred by Jerrie Wolfe of Rose Croft kennel, a breeder of many BIS winning Cairn Terriers, and handled at show by Peter Atkinson. During his show career he broke the BIS record for the breed previously held by Ch. Tidewater Master Gold, and has held the record for the most all breed Best in Show Wins in AKC conformation competitions for his breed since the year 2000, making him the top winning Cairn in the history of the breed worldwide. In 1999 alone he defeated over 24,000 competitors in dog shows. Over his short career he defeated 44,011 competing dogs.      


     Teddy began his show career after becoming a Champion and showed for just under 3 years. He won all but one of his BIS and Specialty BOB wins during two years of his special's career in the show rings, (that is time competing as a Champion title holder). Teddy won 17 Best In Show wins at American Kennel Club all breed dog shows breaking the record for his breed. He also holds the record for combined dog show wins in his breed with a total of 20 multiple breed show wins, 26 overall wins if you count Specialty BOB's in the total. He won 250 Best of Breed wins in AKC competitions, including 6 Specialty Show Best of Breed wins, the highest win given at breed specialties competing within his own breed, one was a CTCA National Specialty Show, 5 Specialty show AOM awards before earning any titles prior to the start of his special's career, and he won a Best of Breed win at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. He only competed twice at Westminster because he achieved his amazing record and retired from showing in only two years before retiring to stud and his place at home. His short show career, which concentrated on all breed shows, limited the number of specialty competitions he entered as well, but when he did compete in those arenas he won admirably. He won 3 prestigious Group 1 show wins, the highest win at a terrier group show. AKC All Terrier Group shows are competitions between all the AKC terrier breeds. At all breed shows, while competing for BIS wins, he won 245 BOB wins, 6 of those were Specialty show wins, 84 Group 1's, 47 Group 2 wins, 25 Group 3 wins, and 24 Group 4 wins. 
     In his most active show year, 1999, he won the Pedigree Award given in NYC during the year 2000 WKC Show events. This award was for achieving the status of the top ranked Cairn terrier in his breed based on breed win rankings of wins against other Cairns. He was ranked for two years in a row in the national Top Ten list of All Terriers in AKC competition, and in 1999 earned a placement as the nation's #2 Terrier among all Terrier breed competitors in America. His years of competition were especially notable as he regularly competed against 4 of the top winning American show dogs at the time, who then and now, hold the win records for the history of their breeds as well. 
     Teddy did not win a Grand Champion title because that title did not exist until very close to the end of his life. Had such titles been available during his career, he would have competed and qualified for that title.
     Teddy retired from competition at an early age after breaking the breed BIS record for his breed. We are very proud of Teddy for his show career, but we were also thrilled to have him home for his long life as our loving companion and family member.  He died one month shy of his 17th birthday on March 5, 2013 of old age. He was a game Cairn Terrier dog. Cairns were bred to eliminate vermin and Teddy lived up to his genes at an early age. He surprised friends when he caught two field mice while visiting their houses on two occasions which he was proud to show off and none too willing to give up.

     Teddy enjoyed a long, healthy life.  He loved chasing and retrieving plastic squeaky toys, playing in the water from  garden hoses and sprinklers, eating, especially treats, and all the hollyhock flowers he could steal in the garden-(he was lucky, no witches in his garden), applause, posing for pictures, going on walks, having his ears and back rubbed, and barking at squirrels.

     Teddy was featured in the book “Doggie Knits” by Corinne Niessner, (photography by David Christensen), published by Sterling Publishers, along with another Watson family dog the late and beloved Bee, Rose Croft’s Ironwood Lilly, JE, CGC, who is the Cairn featured on the cover of the book which you can purchase on our shopping page.


     If you wish to request permission to reprint or publish content from CairnTerrierMovies.com, or suggest additions to this site, contact the author at   CTM@watsonmcdonald.com .



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Ch. Rose Croft's Best Foot Forward
Top winning showdog, CTM mascot, and beloved family member


        (Photograph from Jerrie Wolfe)

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!


A Pet’s Carol

by Patricia Watson


As you hang mistletoe and put up the wreaths

Please don’t forget, I’m watching beneath.

Painted leaves, rich foods, tinsel, chocolates, and lights,

Make your holidays warm, so cheerful, and bright,

But they’ll surely ruin mine should I get a bite.


Strangers coming to share their holiday love,

Stress me out, they worry me, please be a dove,

Give me a room nice and snug,

All separate, and warm,

A quiet spot to rest, and not have to perform.

Give me a chance to have holiday peace,

And share my goodwill with family,

Both man and beast.


I love you all no matter the week,

So here is my list I’ll give you a peek.

I’ll get a thrill if Santa comes,

With a stocking stuffer that’s good for my gums.

Lots of new toys, all safe, squeaky, and fun,

Some leashes to walk on,

Bouncy balls for my run.


And the best gift of all, your attention and time,

Will earn you my love, it won’t cost a dime.

Happy Holidays from your pet, so beloved and dear,

Have safe celebrations and a Happy New Year!